UrbisEco is a platform for sharing what I've discovered about eco-conscious urban living to make it easier and more pleasurable for as many people as possible.

Why should we each reinvent the wheel, looking for answers to the same questions in isolation? I'd like this to be a home for building nature-centric community in major cities around the world.


A bit about me...

I fancy myself a systems thinker. I'm always looking at how this affects that, the big patterns underlying diverse problems in our world. What solutions can have multiple positive impacts, and how can they be scaled?

How can the social, scientific, emotional, and economic drivers that led to our current unsustainable ways be used differently, so we humans can make serious headway toward a healthy planet for all?

I specialize in empowering individuals and businesses to be fierce changemakers through strategic communications + inspiring storytelling.

L. Christina Cobb, Founder